Why Colour therapy is effective

Colour therapy is a very ancient healing method, being used in all old cultures. The Egyptians for example used dyed cloth to cover the wounds and coloured crystals for healing purposes.

Colour Therapy working with the Life energy

Colours have also been of paramount importance throughout history to express status in cloths, buildings, heraldry and art. They also play an important role in the different religions worldwide.

The sun, which gives us not only light and colour but also energy has been worshipped in many cultures around the world as the bearer of life. Without light there would therefore be no life on Earth. The sun is the greatest heat source and energy provider in our solar system. It emits a wide spectrum of energy which enter the earth’s atmosphere at various degrees.

Colour therapy - Sun

Although the invisible ultra violet light is only 5% of the emitted solar energy, it is of great importance for the well being of living organisms. In experiments people and animals who were kept without UV light became severely ill in a very short time.

Light and colours play therefore a vital role in the surviving of all species on earth.

Although Colour Therapy is one of the oldest healing methods, it has been regarded in modern societies as not being scientific and therefore mystical.

Yet, in recent decades science has been able to proof the important meaning of light and colour in life.

Only recently modern sciences was able to verify that the whole complex bio chemical processes in our bodies are controlled by light. Our body’s material shape seems to be clearly defined. However, on the atomic level we are somebody different every second! Most of our approximately 100 billion cells are constantly replacing themselves.

Even our DNA is subject to a continuous regeneration programme. The pancreas replaces most of its cells every 24 hours; the cells of the stomach lining are reproduced every three day, white blood cells are renewed every 10 days, new skin every four weeks; and even bones can regenerate themselves.

On the atomic level our body renews itself completely, almost 100 % every four years. In order to replace the dead cells, our body extracts nutrition from the food offered and knows with amazing accuracy to absorb exactly the substances its needs. So how can this sub-molecular precision happen?

The key to the elementary code of life, the communication between all forms of life, the control factor of the biological organism, is simply light.

Therefore the more vital or healthy a body is, the longer cells, tissue and the DNA can store light, creating a flexibility for the entire organism to react to changes.

Every colour has seven specific characteristics or elements, which are effective on all levels:

1) physical or material element;
2) psychological element;
3) harmonising and connecting element;
4) vital, energy-emitting element;
5) communicating and healing element;
6) intuitive and stimulating elements;
7) spiritual element.

Colour therapy therefore supports:

1. the biological control system of the body on a molecular and cell level
2. the coherent information system of the body
3. the oxygen transport in the body
4. the flexibility of the body to react to internal changes i.e. internal conflicts, anxiety
5. the flexibility of the body to react to external changes i.e. stress, hectic lifestyle
6. the physical, emotional and mental balance by harmonizing the colour and light balance of the body
7. the self-healing power of body, mind and soul
8. the balance between our body and the environment

Colour enters our body and works through the skin, the eyes, the acupuncture points and food. Each colour contains different trace elements which are necessary for our survival. The energy of light and colour are being transported through the meridian channels and the lymphatic system but also through our cells, molecules and the DNA.

The more open a body is to colour, the quicker it will transport energy and information of the colour to tissue and cells of the whole body.

When working with light and colours, we therefore communicate with all levels of body, mind and soul and activate the healing power on all levels of our being. We open all our senses to take in the information colour provides to support a deep healing.

Today Colour Therapy is effectively used by dentists, nurses, physiotherapists for sport and accident injuries (the German and English national football players are treated with light therapy), for most physical but also mental or emotional ailments.

Colours can be applied in many different forms:

· wearing colours
· using colours in our environment
· eating colours in our food
· breathing colour
· visualizing colours
· meditate with colours
· feel, taste and smell colours
· bathing in colours
· colour radiation
· colour acupuncture
· colour and sound

There are colours which have a stimulating, energising and vibrant effect like red, orange and yellow and colours which have a soothing, calming and relaxing effect like green, blue and indigo.

RED symbolises power and action, irradiating with red promotes activity, fights fatigue, promotes blood circulation and has a stimulating effect on the metabolism, skin and glands.

ORANGE is like red, a vibrant colour which stimulates the vital strength of the kidneys. It supports lung tissue and is effective against constipation and helps to overcome emotional tension and blockages. It is an inspiring and stimulating colour. Orange helps depressive or lethargic people.

YELLOW acts as a positive stimulant on the nervous system and has a positive effect on stomach, intestines, liver, spleen and bladder. It is very effective in treating depression. The colour stimulates the left side of the brain and is therefore also very useful when studying. It stands for wisdom, imagination, joy and curiosity.

GREEN symbolises balance and harmony. Irradiating with green soothes and calms the entire nervous system. It helps against stress, tension, nervousness and insomnia. It is a nutrient for nerves and restores tired nerves. Green is the colour of balance and like blue one of nature’s basic colours. Green relaxes the eyes and the whole body.

BLUE has cooling and anti septic effects. It reduces pulse frequency and alleviates pain. Blue reduces fever and acts as a nutrient to the nerves. Blue connects man with the oceans and the heavens. Blue represents self- reflection, looking inwardly.

INDIGO is very effective for nervous and mental disorders and stimulates the pituitary gland. Indigo has an anaesthetising effect and promotes the healing of burns.

VIOLET symbolises dedication, great mental powers, kindness, inspired leaders. It combines the effects of Red and Blue. (1128 words)

Thus, by applying light and colour to the body and in our environment, we support the whole control and information system of the body to achieve an overall greater flexibility and vitality.

Christa Muths is an international acclaimed author. She is the founder and principal of espacio, an international institute that provides accredited training in a variety of holistic studies, including colour therapy. In her work and teaching she likes to integrate science of mind with the science of emotion and the soul.

You can contact Christa on CHMuths (at) aol.com.

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