Light Energy and Colour-Therapy

Christa Muths’ Light Energy and Colour-Therapy, the new electronic book covers a wide range of topics:

It begins by explaining the importance of the sun and sunlight as source of all light and leads the reader through modern and old scientific knowledge to practical applications of Light- and Colour-Therapy in everyday life.

Why Colour-Therapy is effective?

The reader is given information about new scientific knowledge regarding the coherence of light, the atoms and bio-chemical processes. Those complex topics are explained and illustrated in an easy to understand language. The author presents scientific results, which outline why light being a carrier of information has such deep impact on our health and how we, as a carrier of light are connected to all other light sources, even to the universe itself.

The chapters dealing with old scientific knowledge cover the connections of colours and chakras to the human body. They also show the connections of colours to sound, elements, planets, gemstones, herbs and explain how they can be effectively used to promote health and consciousness.

Christa Muths describes extensively the holistic effects each colour has on the whole organism and our environment. She informs the reader about the variety and complexity of colours and different agents, trace elements and enzymes in, for example, red, orange, yellow, green, blue food and their effects on the human body.

Furthermore, the chapters „Wearing colours“, and „Colours in interior design“ not only contain many practical but also experimental suggestions.

Christa Muths’ chapters on applied use of colours are based on her long therapeutic practise describes extensively the varied possibilities how to use a wide range of therapeutic approaches: colour radiation, colour acupuncture, bathing in colours, colour meditation, eating colours, etc.

In addition to this a summary of a Holistic Colour-Therapy Session helps to give the reader a clear picture what is important by the treatment with light and colours.

A fascinating surprise also awaits the reader: In the chapter „The language of the plants“, she provides information about the newest scientific knowledge on the communication of plants between themselves, their environment, but also with humans. This discourse shows very clearly how important it is to understand that our dealings with nature as well as our eating habits have a vast impact not only on ourselves but also on our immediate surroundings.

Through her world-wide travels and trainings Christa Muths is familiar not only with the shamanic understanding of nature but she has also been teaching and holdings groups worldwide on the subject. Some of her work has been published by GreenSpirit, a worldwide organisation integrating green and spiritual worldviews

Despite the complexity of the subject the e-book is written in a clear and easy to understand language including rich illustrations make it a real feast.

e-book Light Energy and Colour-Therapy by Christa Muths

The e-book costs €5 or £4 and can be ordered by Christa Muths under: Christa (at) will be mailed as PDF format.

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